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Roller conveyor 

HUMBOLDT-Roller conveyor
made of steel or  platic rollers
Roller conveyor with steel support rollers Ø 50 mm can be used for material to be conveyed weights up to 40 kg / Stuck (guideline). However, to be considered is the chosen support distance (max. load between 2 struts).

  • adjustable in height
  • curves can be formed 
  • frame, U-profile 20 / 70 / 20x2 mm steel, galvanized
  • steel rollers, galvanized, diameter 50 x 1.5 mm, with ball bearings, screwed axes or plastic carrier rollers, diameter 50 x 2.8 mm, with ball bearings, bolted axles
  • for use in dry areas with normal temperature
  • the load capacity of the roller track is dependent on the web width, roller spacing and distance between struts. The strut spacing should be selected not more than 2 m
Web width:
200 - 800 mm
Overall width:
440 - 840 mm
62,5 - 200 mm
Web length:
1000 mm bis unenedlich
275 - 1,550 mm
Capacity between 2 struts per meter:
60 - 130 kg
Execution:Steel or plastic rolls
Stop fixed  
Stop foldable
Hand lock
Curves 45° or 90°
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