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Humboldt NEWS until 2019

New brochure "Carton Sealer and Carton Erector"
Our new brochure carton sealer and carton erector is ready and is now available for download.

Installation of a fully automatic strapping machine HUO-600 with edge protection feeder and arm winder HUA-6040.
The plant was installed at a plastics producer near Stuttgart.


We are pleased to offer another service point in Postcode 19370 Parchim
Here the area between Hamburg - Berlin - Rostock can be ideally supplied.

8 pieces strapping machines model HU-601-D delivered to Bangladesh in the textile industry

3 pieces fully automatic pallet wrapper model HUD-2040-AE for pallets supplied to the automotive industry

2 pieces fully automatic strapping machine model HU-702-AC delivered to corrugated board production in Belarus

1 piece fully automatic strapping machine model HUS-600 for pallets supplied to the automotive industry in Mexico

The semi-automatic pallet strapping machine Model HU-310 can now be used also for PET straps
The max. belt tension is even 150 kg here.

Installation of a fully automatic ring wrapping machine model HUR-7050-THESYS with conveyor technology

The machine was installed at a food producer in Ahaus.


The new PREMIUM carton sealer generation HU-K-2-SDP and HU-K-4-SDP is now available
The visually and technically appealing machines have new functions and 
Find out more     

The new PREMIUM HU-FP-15 and HU-FP-25 shrinking machines are now available
The visually and technically appealing machines have new functions and 
Find out more

New hand-held devices HU-32-A and HU-32-B

From 07.2018 the newly developed hand-held devices HU-32-A and HU-32-B can be supplied.
The devices are extremely stable and have a one-hand operation and an automatic function.


The 600 series with smoke evacuation 

From now on, our strapping machines of the 600 series with smoke evacuation
can be delivered. 
No annoying smoke or smell. Even the old models can be retrofitted.

New horizontal winder generation now available

The new horizontal winder generation HUE-4A, HUE-6M, HUE-9M and 
HUE-12M as manual systems as well the HUE-4A, HUE-6A, HUE-9A 
and HUE-12A are now available. 
The safe and robust versions are impressive with many new possibilities.

Installation of a fully automatic pallet strapping machine model HUO-600

Installation at a large packaging manufacturer near Cologne.


The hand strapping tool model HU-31-A can now also be supplied with the powerful 14.4 V 3 Ah Li-Ion batteries from BOSCH


Installation of 4 pieces semi-automatic pallet wrapper model 
HU-2000 with mounting frame

Installation at a well-known drugstore.

The pallet wrapper HU-2000 can now also be used with guide and fixation for trolleys

The shrinking machine HU-6010 can now also be used with conveyor technology

Installation of a special wrapping machine for round products HU-2000

Installation at a well-known paper manufacturer.

Installation of a fully automatic pallet wrapping machine HUD-2040 with edge protection feeder

Installation at a large chemical company near Hamburg.

Installation of a packaging system for a large manufacturer of 
plant engineering in China

The system consists of a turntable winder HUD-2040-AE with side-mounted 
top film dispenser HU-2041-WSS  for water-tight winding of pallets. 
The plant is located in China.


Announcement of a newly developed semi-automatic pallet 
wrapping machine Model HU - 350

Tape tension 8 to 70 kg min, product height 380 mm, weight only 81 kg, 
optional battery powered.

Installation of a special packaging machine HU-600-SPT 

At a well-known coffee machine manufacturer.

Installation of pallet turner HU-PALO-1

At a logistics company near Hamburg.

Installation of a fully automatic pallet wrapping machine HUD-2040 

At a known pharmaceutical manufacturer near Hamburg.

Delivery of the 125th strapping machine HU-535

Delivery to a known furniture chain. 

Installation of a stainless steel pallet wrapping machine in a cold storage house 

At a well-known food supplier in cold storage house with - 20° C.

Installation of a pallet strapping machine HUS-600  

At a major automotive supplier near Stuttgart.

Installation of a pallet shrinking unit HU-6010 in Hueckeswagen

New machine generation of the model HU-6010 

The pallet shrink wrapping machine is equipped with new vacuum technology and control with touch panel. Also the engines are modernized. 


The new brochure generation is available now

For further information look here

New hand tool generation 

The models HU-37-A and the HU-38-A are further developments of the already known models. 
The most striking features are the one-hand operation and as the lightest in its class, a fatigue-free work is promised.

Installation of a packaging line with a major chemical manufacturer in Düsseldorf 

Comprising a pallett strapping machine model HUO-600 + board trailer. 

New pallet stretching machine HU-4000-XL 

The well-known and proven pallet wrapper model HU-4000 will be extended by an oversized XL version.

New product pallet magazine 

Pallet magazine for stacking and de-stacking of pallets without effort and risk of injury. 
Highest workplace safety even at very high stacks by the security fence.

New strapping machine HU-702
The new high-speed strapping machine model HU-702 is starting immediately. The machine has a cycle speed of 65 strappings per minute and is available in many different frame sizes.

Fachpack 2013

We thank all visitors for the successful fair with all the interesting conversations that we would like to continue on the next FachPack. 


Humboldt at Fachpack, 24. - 26.9. 2013 in Nuremberg

Also this year, the Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH is again represented at FachPack. We look forward to your visit! 
Stand No .: 3-406

Two new new cordless strapping hand tools

From 1 March 2012, the Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH has two new battery Manual strapping devices in the program. The new strapping machines HU-35-A and HU-36-A are ideal for the use of polypropylene and polyester tape with a smooth and embossed surface.

The new generation of Humboldt battery strapping hand tools are the lightest devices in the mobile handsets. The low weight spares the wrists and the work is easier. This not only increases productivity, it also creates a better working environment.

The special highlight: The new generation of Humboldt battery strapping hand tools are the lightest devices in the mobile handsets. The low weight spares the wrists and the work is easier. This not only increases productivity, it also creates a better working environment.

New strap dispenser HU-1-PS Plus

The strap dispenser with push through assistance offers the following advantages:

  • The strap is driven under the pallet at a comfortable working height.
  • This allows an ergonomic and significantly user- friendly handling.
  • Performance enhancement, because the unsuccessful attempts omitted to thread the tape manually under the pallet.
  • Robust guide rail for the quick and safe pallet strapping.
  • Flexible push through assistance, which is bent at the end skid-shaped upwards.
  • Integrated handle for ergonomic and easy handling.
  • Variable length allows the transport of special pallets up to 1.80 m.

HU-1-PS Plus
Autumn campaign 2011

In keeping with the season not only the leaves fall from the trees. At Humboldt also there are falling the prices! And that drastically! One of our bestsellers machines the HU-535, we offer a unique combination with matching PP strapping tape. For the first 10 orders, there is a little surprise coming with the delivery!

Humboldt at Fachpack, 24. - 26.9. 2013 in Nuremberg

Also this year, the Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH is again represented at FachPack. We look forward to your visit! 
Stand-Nr.: 1-306

Großmengen-Abwicklung für Endverbraucher
Humboldt im Schnee
Schulung Umreifungsmaschinen
Techniker im Gespräch
Bulk handling for end-consumer 

Even for customers with higher requirements we offer solutions. Not only in the field of full automation, but also when it's all about quantity. In the concrete example, we supplied a well-known furniture chain with more than 80 semi-automatic strapping machines.
Through our extensive service network, we can be a strong partner for our customers throughout Germany.
In addition to technology and services, we help the customer with stable prices for the consumables to be able to plan long-term for himself and his company.

Humboldt in the snow

Just like us, a lot of people made the same experience in the last few days.
The picture shows that masses of snow pile up now.
Despite the weather conditions, our sales force and our service technicians work tirelessly and we want to thank in this way the people in the building yards, which give their best!

Technicians and sales training

Periodically, we organize training on our machines. On the one hand we train our technicians, on the other hand, customers can have their personnel training by us.
Thus we ensure that new developments without compromising can be guided by our service stations .
Focus of this training are our semi-automatic strapping machines and pallet wrapper.
In addition to imparting theoretical knowledge base, we attach great importance to the practical experience on the machines. For this purpose, they are partly dismantled and repaired again under instruction. Thus we ensure a comprehensive imparting knowledge about our machines.

If you are also interested in a training, or you want to learn more about our further training program, please contact us any time at +49 2247 90003-0.
In general, we have at least once a quarter a training on one of our product groups!

Business breakfast of the MIT at Humboldt

On Sunday, 17/05/2009, the traditional business breakfast of small businesses and trade association took place at the Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH.
First welcomed Andreas Schmitt, chairman of the small businesses and trade association, all attendends, and gave a brief overview of the course of the day.
After the acquisition reported Mr. Günther Stolze, Managing Director of Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH, on the company's history and also gave an overview which products produced by the company. He also gave an outlook on the future development. It is intended to increase the production in Germany further.

Herr Günther Stolze bei seiner Ansprache
Mr. Günther Stolze
Das aufmerksame Publikum
The attentive audience

After that, the about 80 guests enjoyed an excellent presentation of the main guest speaker, Mr. Hartmut Schauerte, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Mr. Schauerte provided a comprehensive insight into the views of the Government and presented the latest developments. With charm and wit he could, but this factually sober theme of the economic package, the audience not only explain, but also to promote mutual understanding. His metaphorical representations were immediately able to impart a sense of the decision-making of politicians.
In the ensuing discussion some points were discussed very comprehensive. So also turned out the resentment that many don't felt the support, and the requirements and application procedures are still difficult to cope for the middle class.
Mr. Schauerte explained that the big companies do not just get a support, and that will be set mainly on the indirect synergies, so that for example, stimulating the automobile industry would have a direct impact on the lower value chain and this would therefore also supported.
The finding that Seelscheid is the center of earth, and that we could send goods from the industrial area Oberheister within 24 hours to whole Europe, also ensured that the mood throughout the event was more than positively.

After the lecture of Mr. Schauerte, Mr. Michael Gierlich was officially appointed Honorary Chairman of the MIT Neunkirchen-Seelscheid. Among the congratulants were not least the chairman of the Kreis MIT with Mr. Burgwinkel and his designated successor, Mr Norbert Nettekoven.

As a culmination of the speakers Mrs. Winkelmeier-Becker gave an insight into the current events around the European election, as well as an outlook for the federal election.

Ehrung von Herrn Michaei Gierlich
Honoring Mr.
Michael Gierlich
Familie Stolze und der Vorsitzende Herr Gierlich
Family Stolze and the
chairman Mr. Gierlich
Das Buffet
The buffet

After completion of the speeches guides were offered through the Company. In the demonstration room, visitors could get an idea about the nature and operation of the machines made by Humboldt. Here they were presented live and were explained details.
Final there was an excellent buffet, which has instead of a traditional dish an original "Puttes" (speciality of Cologne, also known as furnace cake). The palates of the guests were pampered which made a successful ending of a fantastic day.

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