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Robot Wrapping Machines


Semi automatic wrapping machine with battery for film carriage

Film carriage:
25-30 pallets per hour
Max. pallet dimension:
1,150 x 560 x 2,100 mm (LxWxH)
Elektric:Battery, 24 V, 17 Ah

Automatic robot wrapping machine with battery

Film carriage:
20-25 pallets per hour
Pallet dimension:min. 750 x 750 mm,
max. unlimited
Pallet height:2.000 mm
Battery:12 V 72 A, capacity for 100 wrappings
Elektric:230 V, 1 Ph., 50 Hz
1.470 x 930 x 2.370 mm (LxBxH)
HU-ROBO-20 Bedienfeld
Operating field

HU-ROBO-20 Fußpedal
Foot pedal

Laufrad mit Sicherungsbügel
Impeller with safety bracket


Batteriefach zum einfachen Wechsel
Battery compartment for easy exchange

Spare battery 42 Ah:

Stronger battery 80 Ah:


Separate Verfahrrolle
Separate castor


Automatic robot winder with battery operation

Additional options:

  • 2,600 mm winding height
  • 3,100 mm winding height
  • Aut. film separation
  • Tape dispenser


Machine spezification
Pallet dimension:
min. 600 x 600 mm
max. ∞ x ∞
Pallet height:2.100 mm
Battery:2 x 12 V; 105 A
Elektric:230 V, 1 Ph., 50 Hz
690 x 1,060 x 2,100 mm (LxWxH)
Weight:250 kg
Foil spezification
Foil width:
500 mm
Foil thickness:17 - 23 µm
Inner diameter of the roll core:
76 mm
Maximum roll weight:
17 kg
  • Display control
  • Number of feet and head windings separated adjustable
  • Separate castor for better things handling
  • Different driving modes
  • Winding height 2,100 mm
  • Foil lifting carriage with mechanical, electrical, or Power stretch film setting
  • Fall arrest device for lifting carriage
  • Height scanning by photoelectric barrier
  • Separately adjustable rotation speed and lifting carriage speed
  • Semi-automatic cycle
  • Illuminated lamp and acoustic signal at the beginning of the cycle
  • One battery charge is sufficient for approx. 320 pallets
  • 12 different wrapping cycles and 12 wrapping programs
  • Can be moved manually
  • Recess for easy transport by forklift
  • Execution in conformity with CE
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