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Flexible roller conveyor

HUMBOLDT-Flexible roller conveyor
made of steel or plastic rollers
  • variable in conveying length (extendable)
  • adjustable in height (700-1,100 mm)
  • mobile through castors with brakes
  • flexible in routing
  • curves can be formed
  • frame, slidable lattice grate frame, galvanized
  • steel rollers, galvanized, diameter 50 mm
  • plastic carrier rollers, diameter 50 mm
  • axle distance, about 55-130 mm, depending on the length being extracted
  • struts adjustable via telescopic devices, mobile with castors, diameter 100 mm with brake
  • flexible roller conveyors are independent, flexible conveyor lines
  • the multi-divided rolls (from B = 400 mm) allow the passage of the conveyed material in curves
  • the roller axes are fully adhered staffed by carrier rolls and therefore also offer slim conveyed goods a proper footing

Web width300 - 1,000 mm
Rolls per axle:1 - 3
Number of struts:3 - 6
Number of axels:36 78
Number of felexible elements:2 - 4
Extendible:1,9 - 9,6 m
Capacity between 2 struts per meter:100 - 120 kg
Steel or plastic rolls
Stop fixed  
Stop foldable
Connector between two paths
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