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Packing Tables

HUMBOLDT - Packing Table
HUMBOLDT - Packing Table
HUMBOLDT - Packing Table
All pictures of the packing tables are with optional accessories.

HUMBOLDT Packing Tables as a complete solution or different combinations for different requirements.
An ergonomic workstation that has everything in its place allows faster and more accurate packing, provides more safety, makes it easier to move between packing employees and creates a neat and stress-free environment. The higher efficiency allows more throughput.

  • Working height manually or motor adjustable
  • Improves efficiency, precision and safety
  • Allows easy switching between different employees
  • Creates a clean and stress-free environment for the well-being of employees
  • Carefully selected materials
  • High quality
  • Laminated table tops in the thickness 25 mm
  • Epoxy powder coated steel components
Table top dimensions:
1,800 - 900 mm
Thickness of the tabletop:
25 mm
Working height variable:
650 - 900 mm
Height complete:
1,080 - 1,550 mm
Load capacity of the table top:
300 kg
Load capacity shelf:
30 kg
RAL 7035
other dimensions, lighting, sockets, PC and PC accessory components, various shelves, perforated plates, shelves, paper or film roll holders, tilting shelves, drawers, tape dispenser holders, tool holder box, roll stand, cardboard boxes, scales

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