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We are proud to introduce our new online-shop!
Here you can buy packaging solutions conveniently and directly from the manufacturer!
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The Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH has a nationwide network of local service partners. Therefore we can offer a 24-hour on-site service both for our distributors as well as for our end customers.

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Humboldt actual:

New generation of handheld devices
The models HU-39-A and HU-40-A are the further development of the already known models. The outstanding features are the automatic function as well as the one-hand operation. Here, too, as the lightest device in its class, fatigue-free work is offered.

Announcement of a newly developed wrapping robot model HU-ROBO-30 (Oskar)
The outstanding points are the small design, which means that it takes up less space and up to 320 pallets can be wrapped with one battery charge.

Announcement of a newly developed pallet magazine model HU-PALO-3-AGV
The outstanding points are the ideal complement for driverless transport systems, to fully automate the pallet flow.

Installation of two large arm wrappers model HU-4000 at a well-known electrical appliance manufacturer.

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