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Innovative hand labeling machine

HU-60-i Koffer
Handling HU-60-i
The HU-60-i is an innovation from Humboldt Verpackungstechnik GmbH.
Due to continuous development a hand label maker latest generation was created.
The portable ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight, off-grid inkjet hand printer, equipped with electromagnetic valves and wireless control makes marking, encoding and signing efficient and really simple.

This unique device - with just 980 grams of weight - can be used in nearly every industry, ranging from the address label on outer packaging on self-promotion on products to seal marks.

The HU-60-i replaces with patented labeling technology antiquated manual labeling devices: cumbersome and expensive stencil punching machines, stamps and roll coders with problematic ink handling are now a thing of the past.
Attaching durable and legible labels in a variety of surfaces - smooth, porous and also uneven surfaces of irregular shape, such as pipes, barrels, bags, boxes, building materials

  • contactless labeling technology - it is only the contact of a driving roller required which synchronizes printing on the object to be printed
  • full freedom of printing, as they can only offer a wirelessly controlled portable hand printer
  • automatic update of the printed date, time, expiration date, numbering (up and down counter)
  • standard text and graphic symbols can be edited and printed using Windows® fonts (TrueType)
  • supporting printing of various texts on successive lines or on different sides of the object
  • Cooperation with any PC on its own, running under MS Windows® 98SE / ME / NT / 2000 / XP® printer operation program; wireless communication between the printer and the device connected to PC via USB or RS232 port of the PC radio module
HU-60-i Maße
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